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Why do you need a service plan?

If you're like most small businesses you probably can't afford a professionally trained full time person to maintain your computer systems. Most businesses will designate one person in the office to handle any computer issues, usually someone in accounting or the owner.

Depending on the problem and the amount of time they can afford to spend on it they may or may not find a resolution. In many cases the problem is circumvented with the addition of a few extra steps or worse not resolved and the user is forced to 'live with it'.

In other instances the problem is not considered important enough to call an outside source for computer support and again we just 'live with it'. When enough of these unimportant problems have accumulated they tend to frustrate users and decrease productivity.

This all changes once enrolled in one of our service plans, we become a part of your company. We take care of all your computers and more than that get to know the people that use them. Once we become a familiar face to your employees they will tend to talk more freely about any computer problems they may have. Between employee input and our preventive maintenance your computer systems will run in top form... consistently .

You will realize less complaints and more productivity guaranteed. If you are unhappy with the service for any reason you are free to cancel at any time. Most computer vendors will lock you into a year contract. We're more comfortable with a handshake and quality service.

Our Typical Service Plan

Our service plan will meet all your on going computing needs by keeping your systems and software up to date. Our past experiences have shown us that by implementing proper system maintenance and good housekeeping techniques, such as our service plan, computer downtime and nuisance problems are drastically reduced. However, If a problem does occur which needs immediate attention this package also provides you with a twenty-four hour emergency pager number.

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Depending on your specific needs your service plan will come with a base of 2 to 4 hours of labor each month which will be used to perform tasks outlined in the plan as well as any other service issues that need attention.

The cost of a service plan formulated with weekly visits is $300.00 / month and the cost of a service plan formulated with monthly visits is $160.00 / month. Any service issues that fall outside the service plan guidelines or extend past the allotted hours will be billed at the preferred customer rate of $75.00 or $80.00/ hr, depending on the plan. The service plan will automatically renew monthly and may be cancelled at any time.


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